Admission Criteria

Qualifying for home infusion services

How do you know if you need home care for intrathecal pump management?

Admission to our home infusion service can only be made under the direction of a physician. Our administrative staff must contact your insurance company to verify benefits and get pre-authorization, if necessary. Coverage issues may vary, depending upon payor source and criteria. Even if you think you are not covered, there are still possible ways to get you admitted for home care services. We will do our best to contact your carrier, Medicaid or worker’s compensation.

Requirements for patient:

  • Patient must have a telephone available to them for emergency use
  • The home environment must be conducive to safe administration of the prescribed therapy.
  • There must be a willing, able and available caregiver to be responsible for your care between our visits. The person can be you, a family member, or a friend, or a paid caregiver.