Home Care for Medication Management

Do you need home care for intrathecal pump management?

When you get your pump implanted, you may choose to go to your doctor’s office for your intrathecal pump medication refills.

“Patient social support systems, distance to a health care facility, availability of reliable transportation, and insurance coverage are also factors to consider in patients with chronic pain who may receive intrathecal medication therapy.” Source: Intrathecal pain management: a team-based approach

However, patients with more serious medical conditions and physical limitations may benefit by using services that would help with intrathecal pump pain management in their home. Your doctor can determine if that would be an option for you. 

T&C Neuromax can provide nursing as well as pump medication management services. For example:

T&C Neuromax

for intrathecal pump management / targeted drug delivery in your home

Customized, Personalized Experience

We focus on providing a personalized experience as you begin the journey of targeted drug delivery with your Medtronic pump. We also manage the Prometra II implantable pump by Flowonix.

In addition to having your pump management and refill visits in the convenience, comfort and safety of your own home, T&C Neuromax provides continuous on-call service after 5 PM EST Monday through Friday and weekends and holidays. This on-call service offers patients direct access to a qualified registered nurse for any questions or emergencies that arise with regard to your intrathecal pump. The on-call registered nurse has access to all of your patient information and medical records to ensure that an accurate assessment and decision can be made.

Consistency with nursing

Our nurses are directly employed by us, and not provided by a third party contracted company. Patients are assigned to a dedicated nurse that will monitor their progress and provide a contact method for the patient to be able to quickly communicate questions and concerns between visits. Our warm and compassionate nurses are able to customize their approach to each specific patient to meet their needs. 

Flexibility of places and timing of nursing visits (medication refills)  that is convenient for the patient

The nurses can refill the pump in the home, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation facilities, during unexpected hospital stays or wherever life may take you. We can schedule your appointment at a time that is convenient for the patient’s schedule

Medical directors on staff

24-hour access to a medical director to troubleshoot time-sensitive situations  Our medical directors are board-certified and have been greatly involved in and authored PACC guidelines since 2007.  We also provide extensive support to all nurses and allied professionals.  We help all patients while on service and willing to help with medical direction on all patients. 

T&C Neuromax sterile pharmacy services

We utilize Town & Country Compounding in Ramsey, NJ for our medication needs. They have recently expanded and moved into a new facility in Ramsey, NJ.

Pharmacist and owner John Herr, RPh specializes in pain management and has over 25 years experience with filling medications for intrathecal pumps. In addition, John and his staff work with physicians and patients to create unique customized medication solutions.  

The pharmacy is accredited by Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) with Pharmacy Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation (PCAB) and is routinely inspected by the FDA and State Board of Pharmacy.

Experienced clinicians dedicated to bringing you the care you deserve.

Medications for the Pump

The medications placed in the pump are used to treat symptoms of chronic pain and/or spasticity.

We utilize brand-name drugs whenever commercially available. All other medications used are compounded using USP grade active pharmaceutical ingredients from an FDA inspected supplier, and are compounded in our state-of-the-art pharmacy, Town & Country Compounding. As with any medication therapy, there are associated risks and potential side effects of the intrathecal medication delivery system. Please speak with your physician for more details.

As a safety protocol, the pharmacy staff uses several different double-check systems to ensure the correct and safe delivery of each prescription.  T&C Neuromax has developed standards and
safety mechanisms to ensure that only the highest quality of medication is being provided by our pharmacy. 

All of the medication compounded from USP grade active pharmaceutical ingredients after compounding are quarantined and sent to an FDA registered analytical laboratory for testing prior to being used to refill the intrathecal pump. The Analytical laboratory tests each lot for potency, sterility and endotoxin levels. All of these must meet the FDA/USP guidelines prior to being released from quarantine and used to compound your intrathecal pump medication.

Convenient, Safe, & Easy

Medication refills in your implanted pump are done in your home

When you have a pump implanted surgically for targeted drug delivery, the medication in the pump lasts a specific time and will need refills, it depends on your dose of medication. Some may get a pump refilled every 3 weeks while others may only need it every 3 months. Without homecare service, this needs to be done by you going to a doctor’s office for your refill, which can be very difficult for those who have challenges with mobility due to specific conditions.

Reduce prescribers’ workload

T&C Neuromax takes the stress out of the targeted drug therapy for both the physician and office staff.  We offer several services to the physician to reduce the workload of intrathecal therapy maintenance. 

We take a comprehensive approach to the therapy that allows the ordering physician total control while taking the actual refill, procurement of medication, and alarm date scheduling out of the physician’s hands. 

Services include 24-Hour nursing services that provide all patient pump refills, all necessary programming (titration and bolus), scheduling/tracking of alarm dates and post MRI visits.   

T&C Neuromax will make all arrangements with skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities as well as hospitals to provide uninterrupted service if your patient requires refill while admitted to those facilities.

We also provide dosage consulting with our pharmacist as well as consultation with our board-certified medical directors when needed.

Insurance coverage experts

Our staff will verify your coverage and work with your carrier or work comp adjuster to ensure that all authorizations are in place for you to start your therapy worry-free.

In the event your current plan does not cover intrathecal home infusion therapy we will work with you to find a solution that will accommodate your financial needs.

More Questions?

If you have questions for us, you may call our 24 hour line at 888-290-2244 or send us a message.