Nursing Visits and Pump Refills

What to Expect when your nurse visits you for your pump medication refill

The nurse will ask you about your current medications and symptoms, general well-being, and will read your pump with a programmer, which will show your dose, medicine concentration, and how the medicine is running (infusion mode). Betadine is wiped on the area and then and if you request or prefer, an anesthetic can be applied beforehand. A needle will be inserted into the pump to remove the unused medicine, pressure may be felt in the abdomen.

Our compassionate and caring nurses along with our medical team bring years of intrathecal pump experience to you.

COVID-19 and protection

Our nursing staff has been vaccinated, they wear personal protective equipment and follow sanitizing protocols. At the height of the pandemic, while many hospitals nad physician offices had to close or restrict patient access, T&C Neuromax continued to service all of our patients in their homes with no loss or interruption of therapy. 

Have Questions?

For questions you may have regarding our services, please contact us through our website, or call us at 888-290-2244.